Free Day & Guests

Guests 14+ are entitled to one free day at the Portage Y every 12 months.
A Guest Policy & Waiver Form must be completed and meet or agree to the following:

  • Guest myst be age 14 and older
  • Guests under the age of 18 must have a signed Parent Waiver on file
  • Guests are expected t read and abid by al YMCA rules of conduct
  • Guests are expected to use good judgement and be courteous to our Members
  • All guests, including those who visit from other Ys, must complete the guest policy and waiver form and have a Photo ID on file annually.

Guests who have already used their one free day are still permitted to the utilize the facility as a guest.  The following rates apply:
  Daily Weekly
  • Adult with Portage YMCA Member
$5/day $20/week
  • All Other Guests
$10/day $30/week
  • Family Pass
$15/day $45/week