How to Play?
1. Find the hidden pumpkin within the Y (moved daily)
2. Complete the workout written on the pumpkin
3. Take a selfie with the pumpkin
4. Post to Facebook/Instagram, or Twitter, TAG @PortageYMCA or @PortageY and your friends in the picture
5. Tag us in one post per day & you with tagged buddies will be entered into drawings for prizes!

What Prizes Can be Won? 
  • 2, $50 Amazon Gift Cards
  • Personal Training Sessions
  • 2, $10 Y Bucks
  • Float Therapy Sessions
  • One Month Paid Membership
Who Can Play and When?
  • Portage Township YMCA Members Only
  • October 1 - October 31, 2022
More Questions?
Contact Britney Mendoza, Healthy Living Coordinator