It's Go Time!

Based on the 2021-2022 PTS Assessment that is used to determine Kindergarten readiness, we proudly present Kindergarten Bootcamp! All sessions are aimed at ensuring incoming Kindergarten students are academically, socially, and emotionally prepared for the first year of school.

Each camp session takes place Monday - Friday, 9am - 2pm, over a 2-week period.
Lunch & recess included!
Members $125 per camp | Non-members $145 per camp
Reading Camp
June 14 - 25
First Sounds: Man, Bed, Pig, Top
Ending Sounds: Cat, Lip, Fan, Miss
Letter & Word Knowledge
Rhyming: Dog _____, Wig _____, Sun _____
Math Camp
July 5 - 16
Counting to 10, 20, 30
Numbers out of order 0-10
One more than
One less than
Patterns: AB, ABB
Addition: Counters
Subtraction: Counters
Basics & Review Camp
July 26 - August 6
Recite First & Last Name
Write First & Last Name
Shape Identification: Oval, Triangle, Square, Diamond, Rectangle, Circle
Color Identification: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, Black, Brown

Jamie Ward, Lead Preschool Teacher